Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roland Rosario Cellars (Copperopolis/Calaveras County) Harvest Report

Martha Rueca-Gustafsson, winemaker at Roland Rosario Cellars, Copperopolis/Calaveras County, sends us this report:

Roland Rosario vineyards,
Copperopolis-Calaveras County
"Our 3 1/2 acre vineyard in Copperopolis, CA yielded its first fruit of the season on Sept. 5th.  .38 tons of Roussanne and Viognier field blend came in at 23.9 brix, 3.55 PH, .73 TA

The remaining 3 acres divided in equal portions of Mazuelo clone Carignane and 2 clonal selections of Zinfandel will not be due for for harvest yet another 2- 3 weeks. Weekend brix readings on Sept 17, 2011 were in the 21s, just under 22s. We just pulled down our bird netting this past weekend.

After months of getting family and friends to help us with weekend green dropping, cluster thinning, and cane tucking, we see the light at the end of the tunnel!

p.s., I'm still fermenting in the cold room at Winterhawk Winery in Fairfield, where I work a "day job" as the Enologist/Assistant Winemaker. The best perk about working here is that I can personally oversee the Roland Rosario Cellars fermentations right here, everyday."

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