Sunday, September 11, 2011

Andis Wines (Plymouth/Amador County) - Harvest Report

September 10:   from Mark McKenna, Winemaker & General Manager, Andis Wines, Plymouth:

"While the weather still feels like Summer, even a brief walk through the vineyards reveals that Fall (or at least harvest) has arrived.

We walked several vineyards this morning and it looks like the Sauvignon Blanc will be the first grape to come off the vine this year. The Brix (how winemakers measure sugar) is 21.5 and climbing at a rate of about 1.5 brix per week. The flavors are starting to develop beautifully and the acids seem in balance, with pHs in the 3.2 range.

After we bring in the Sauvignon Blanc; Rose, Zinfandel and Primitivo will quickly follow, Syrah after that and then an unpredictable and furious free for all – Barbera, Petite Sirah, Grenache, and more.

The Andis estate vineyard is looking great and we are more thankful than ever in this difficult growing year for the fabulous growers we work with, as they have done a great job under tough Spring conditions. Crop yields look to be down this year, but, quality could be exceptional if the weather continues as it has the past few weeks.
Andis continues to grow and the enthusiasm with which we have been greeted this inaugural year has been much appreciated and very gratifying. We will be crushing about 50% more grapes this year than last and that means it is time for a winemaker's favorite thing – NEW TANKS! We have placed 6 new tanks in the winery in the past two weeks (four new stainless tanks and two more concrete tanks). The stainless allowed us to finish “furnishing” the fermentation room and they look just great.

After months of anticipation the two new concrete tanks arrived Wednesday…… and six hours later they were almost in place. Turns out moving around 9500 pound tanks proves a bit challenging (and a touch terrifying) even for our crack cellar crew."

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