Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fortezza Winery (Auburn/Placer County) - Harvest Report

Lisa Mann, owner of Fortezza Winery, Auburn (Placer County) sends this report.  Fortezza  is a small estate located in the beautiful rolling Sierra foothills of Auburn California, near California's Gold Country

“We are about 1,260 feet in elevation.  I have two vineyards.  We have 5 acres of wine grapes planted total at this time but have room to expand on our 18 acre estate. We planted our vineyards in 2006 with Sangiovese, Petit Verdot, Primitivo and Viognier wine grapes. 

We will be harvesting our Viognier (planted in 2006) on or around the 19th or 20th this month. 

I will harvest my Sangoivese next around the 26th or 27th (brix is about 22), then the Primitivo soon after. 

We will wait on the Petit Verdot (only 18 brix); it is hard to ripen, generally needing a long hot summer, so possibly we will harvest the last part of October. 

The past couple of years it has not been that hot for a long period of time.  We dropped some more fruit and did some shoot thinning.

Our first estate 2009 wines will be released in the next couple of months."

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