Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sierra Foothills Wineries Harvest Reports - Building Recognition for the Region

Many thanks to Lew Perdue's Wine Industry Insight "News Fetch", and to "DailyNewsLinks" editors for keeping the industry posted on what is happening in the wine harvest.  Their attention to the postings on Sierra Foothills wineries have garnered lots of interest.

There have been more than 7000 pages views on this blog alone for these harvest reports, and countless click-throughs to the websites of the wineries who sent along their reports.

This is all good recognition for Sierra Foothill wineries, which include almost 250 wineries in the region as I define it:  8 California counties on the western side of the Sierra Nevada, and one county on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada range (Washoe County-Nevada).   That's a lot of territory, hundreds of micro-climates, and lots of fervent grapegrowers and winemakers toiling in these high elevation locales which comprise this wine region.

The remarks have been varied, from grousing that fruit is not yet ripe enough to pick, to sharing tips on how to dry clusters after the rains,  to glorying in the floral aroma that's come from the Muscat already. 

My fav photo to date:
the night harvest at Naggiar/Nevada County
Hats off to the wineries who participated in this info-blitz to date, noted below.  Click on the county-highlight to read what's happened in that county.

And check back, as there will be more news to come!  

Amador County: 
Amador County WineGrape Growers
Cooper Vineyards
Scott Harvey
Terre Rouge and Easton Wines

Calaveras County:
Frogs Tooth Vineyards
Leaping Horse Vineyards
Roland Rosario
Tanner Vineyards

El Dorado County:
Crystal Basin
C. G. DiArie
Lava Cap
DK Cellars (coming)

Nevada County:
Naggiar Vineyards
Nevada City Winery
Pilot Peak
Szabo Vineyards

Placer County:
Green Family Winery

Yuba County:
Clos Saron

Nevada: Washoe County
University of Nevada in Reno vineyards & winery

Missing are reports from Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties, but I hope we see some!

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