Friday, May 13, 2011

What exactly makes a FLAGSHIP WINE?

When I asked various Sierra Foothill winemakers and winery owners to tell me what they consider to be their FLAGSHIP WINES, that caused a bit of confusion.  To a winemaker, every wine is his greatest wine, it seems.  To a winery owner, the wine that sells the best is the flagship wine.  To a consumer... who knows.. it is so much a matter of personal taste after all.  But here's the short list of what characteristics constitute a flagship wine: the factors that  this group of winemakers and winery owners considers when it puts that information in my hands for publication.
  • A wine that the winemaker feels is representative of his style
  • A wine that is expressive of the terroir
  • A wine that is true to its varietal characteristics
  • A wine that is consumer-friendly, ie approachable in price and amenable to food pairings
  • A wine that's won accolade after accolade
  • A wine that the wife serves to the family's cherished friends and important guests
The FLAGSHIP wines that you'll be reading about will be varied.  In fact, they'll be all over the terroir, style, varietal, price, and taste map.  But these Sierra Foothill wines are great wines, and the winemakers are proud of them.  I encourage you to use these blogposts for your center-of-table and your gifting lists!  Just search at the top left of the blog for "FLAGSHIP WINES of the Sierra and its Foothills" to get the list.


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